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Would you like to see how to figure out pixels, advanced sales funnel management, lookalike audiences and all that stuff?

Grab these special videos and take a deep dive into how these areas are important to your campaigns and peek into my account to see exactly where to find these and how to use them.


Here's What You'll Discover

  • Pre-Planning Your Campaign

    Two videos are less than 15 minutes each. Dig into the details about who your ideal customer is, then design a sales funnel they’ll love. Learn how to do pivot planning during your testing so you get even better results and more money faster.

  • Pixels

    What are pixels? How do they ensure Facebook is doing the work of finding you the perfect customer for free? Imagine how much more you’ll make when you know people want what you’re selling!

  • Additional Tools

    Master the business manager and power editor tools that pros use to set up Facebook ads easier and faster. Then you can do a lot more fun things like taking a weekend off.

  • Custom Audiences

    This secret is the most amazing thing about Facebook ads. Let the Facebook engine find even more potential customers who are exactly like the people who already buy from you.  When you’re advertising to a perfect customer, your conversions and your profits sky rocket.

But Wait...There's Even More

Little-known tidbits, worksheets, checklists to make sure you’ve got everything covered, and a few more things you'll have to watch the videos and discover.

If you've ever read my blog posts or watched my YouTube videos or Udemy videos, you know I can deep dive into lots of areas while I'm teaching.

So you will get an education in online marketing as well as Facebook advertising.

Let's Look In More Detail As to What You Get

  • Pre-Planning

    Here’s where you will discover the idea of a sales funnel and how to capture your ideal customer and move them along to turn them into long time clients. I also have you identify what your goals are. The more focused you are, the better your results will be!

    From there, we move into making adjustments to your campaigns after you’ve had a few weeks to build up the pixel. (I’ll reveal all about the pixel in the next video). And I show you how to easily spy on your competition.

    Find out what works for them and model it, and you should have a winning campaign with minimal effort.

  • Pixels

    Pixels are your workhorses. They are the ones capturing all the information and sending it back to Facebook. Facebook then uses their knowledge to find you more perfect customers.

    But you have to get this right or you’ll be sending the wrong people and wondering why no one is buying. I show you all of my mistakes so you can only do the steps to success.

  • Custom Audiences

    Here is where we dive deeply into truly understanding the genius behind Facebook ads and their special formulas. I show you how to set up a custom audience, a lookalike audience, and how to use all of this to set up retargeting ads.

    Retargeting ads are where someone gets reminded that they liked something on your site. You can also use them to remind people of the upcoming webinar that they registered for. Never again will you have to pretend that there’s someone on the webinar because they all forgot when it was.

  • Additional Tools

    Here is a lot of little tips to make running Facebook ads easier. I talk about Audience Insights, the Business Manager, and how to beware the dreaded Audience Overlap which will eat up your budget.

    And in all of these videos, you go over the shoulder and see exactly where you can find these tools in Facebook.

    Because they’re videos, you can pause them, back them up, and play them over and over again.

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